Executive Leadership Development Program

Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary professional development program designed primarily for high-performing minority managers and senior managers to help prepare them for the next stage in their careers. ELDP uses skill-building sessions, self-assessments, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-one coaching with an external professional coach to help equip promising leaders for greater responsibility. Through the intensive learning curriculum, participants explore a variety of topics, including effective development strategies, risk-taking, building professional networks, and dealing effectively with potential biases. In addition, each participant is assigned a partner or director sponsor who commits to at least 90 days to help their protégées drive their own careers by helping them understand how to navigate the organization.


The program will consist of 4 different workshops to be held in 2022. Every quarter will hold a new workshop, with a new project, resources, speakers, coaches, and more.

Registration will open in October of 2021, more details to come, stay tuned!

Introducing Nuestras Raices new program!

In conjunction with the Delaware Community Foundation, The Executive Leadership Development Program will consist of 4 FREE different self-development training workshops for any professional who is interested in developing themselves for their next career move!

Workshop are in-person, local to the New Castle County Area and they will be held on: 3/05/2022, 4/3/2022, 7/16/2022, 11/5/2022.

If you are interested in registering for the ELDP program, please click here:


If you have any questions about the program, please email eldp@nrdelaware.org